About Us

I live in the woods .
My house is surrounded by trees
and wildlife on all four sides.

 When you live in the woods, you hear a lot of creature sounds at night; some that you cannot easily identify. I have always wanted to encounter a bigfoot and thought it would be fun to have one living in my woods.

So, I made one for myself. He is 8-feet tall and has spooky eyes and I painted his fur to look matted and grungy. I placed him on the edge of my woods, facing my yard. He has been living in my woods for many years now.

When we have friends over, my Sasquatch gets a lot of attention. He blends with the foliage and when someone spots him, they either shriek in surprise or laugh out loud.

A few years ago, I decided to make one for a fellow Sasquatch-lover and surprise him for his birthday.

That is how this whole thing started.  More and more people wanted to put Squatches in their woods or on the edge of long driveways or give one to a friend.

I started a Facebook page, AdoptASquatchRI, and posted my creations for sale. One guy bought three and planned to place them along his ATV trails on his 10-acre property.

Our adopted sasquatches get decorated on St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas. Some even sport sunglasses in the summer.

I have made and sold several Bigfoots that are scattered throughout RI, MA and CT. I am even arranging to have a few shipped to Florida, where the famous Skunk-Ape is said to reside.

In the winter months, when it was too cold to work outdoors sawing wood and painting, I began to make stuffed animals.

The Squatch Plushies have become just as popular as the big guys.

Try to find a quality, handmade stuffed Bigfoot toy – you will find them at AdoptASquatchRI. We offer a variety of sizes and colors, all made with quality materials.

I have sent these plushies all over the country, from California to Idaho, Ohio to Montana.

For me, what started as a fun project for myself
has turned into a really fun business venture.